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Today's blog is just a collection of wonderful stuff from the web (mostly via Twitter).  Above you'll see a fun math cartoon that would be a great puzzle to put on the last quiz before Christmas break.  Can you figure it out?  I've recommended giving this as an example to your students and asking them to come up with their own cartoons and teachers I've worked with have reported great enthusiasm for this assignment (and much creativity from their students!).  

Next, I have the video below which is just a wonderful explanation of a current topic:  the NSA surveillance story.

Still looking for gift giving ideas for the geek in your life?  Check out the 21 Maker Ed gifts for teachers: LINK  

My favorite?  Cubelets:

If any of you LOVE the Solver Blog SO MUCH that you'd like to give me a gift, that's what I want! Here's the link to buy a set.  Email me and I'll give you the address to send it to! :-)

Next, I want to recommend a wonderful video from PBS on Sherlock Holmes.  The true topic is forensic science and criminal investigations, but I think it is equally wonderful as an introduction to proof activity for a geometry class.  The explanations and examples of deductive reasoning are really wonderful.  Here's the link for the full episode.

To close this "best of the web" post, I'll leave you with a link to a wonderful resource of problems, 1000 problems to be exact.  Enjoy!


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