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For today's blog, I want to share a webinar by Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs sponsored by ASCD.  I think it is important, when trying to solve big problems (like those in education), that we work together, drawing on each other's strengths and learning from mistakes so as not to repeat them.  Dr. Jacobs tells us that our curriculum and our methodologies (for teaching and assessing) need "upgrading" and I agree wholeheartedly.  In fact, much of the curriculum that I have worked on, both as a university professor and now as a small business owner of Rimwe, has been just that:  upgrades.  Likewise, much of the professional development I've given and currently offer is all about upgrading teaching methods and tools, what I call "approach training", in order to extend the teaching and learning time, provide learning in meaningful context, and create skills and obtain knowledge for long-term retention.  We must adapt to the new connected world we live in and adopt the tools and technologies that will advance our abilities to teach and learn.  I really love the graphic above, from the PDF file that accompanies Dr. Jacob's webinar, because it illustrates concisely some of the major aspects of instruction that require change.  For that change to happen, we need everyone on board:  teachers, parents, students, administration, government, businesses, and the public.  Re-posting this webinar is my small attempt to help make that happen.  Please share with others as you see fit.  As always, I'd love to hear from you.  You can contact me via email or simply send a Tweet (@RimweLLC #SolverBlog).

Here is the webinar itself:


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