"Pipeline" Activity

Pipeline activity with WTAMU students.
Success!  Pipeline activity in Dr. Perdue's class.


"I never thought I would have liked geometry but I ended up liking it.  I remember on the first day of class thinking 'oh no' but this course was probably my favorite course of the semester. I hate math.  Who would have thought I would have enjoyed it this much? The learning style you used helped me so much.  I saw things in your class I never was able to see when I took geometry in high school. I had a great experience in your class and would love to take another course with you."

"Dr. Perdue is the most organized / on-schedule person on the face of this planet! I learned as someone who never gets to do the 'hands on' activities anymore that students really do enjoy them and it's something you need in your class to be a better teacher."


"I have never experienced professional development quite like this before.   I always tell my students that the applications we are learning about now aren't made up, they have been around for a while and have real life purposes. This class has given me the roots of many of the objectives I am teaching.  Also your approach to teaching the content was very suitable for teachers."

Rimwe's Approach Training Model for Professional Training.

Approach Training Model for Professional Development

"Dr. Perdue has dedicated her professional career to mathematics education. She takes the job of teacher preparation very seriously, using her  vast knowledge in technology to ensurethat pre-service teachers enjoy her workshops and walk out at the end with a set of innovative skills and abilities in technology-based teaching."

Graphic of the TI73 graphing calculator.Graphic of a screencast on solving the Pirate Problem using dynamic geometry software.


"As an active participant in the Regents’ Initiative for Excellence in Education, Dr. Perdue served as a valuable, integral member in the role of lead faculty member of the mathematics Academic Planning Team.  Diana brings to this initiative invaluable expertise with reference to mathematics education issues.  She exhibits leadership abilities necessary to ensure that Academic Planning Teams are viable partnerships and not just a design on a document.  Her contributions to the team effort are exemplary.  She always presents a professional demeanor with significant contributions."

"She exudes excitement toward teaching mathematics and working with in-service teachers."

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